These pages were created by George Toussaint. PERMISSIONS: You may use this album page file to print album pages for yourself, your friends or your children. You may give copies of the file to other people, and you may post the file on bulletin board systems or web pages. You may NOT modify this file, and you may NOT charge any fee for it, or use it in any commercial activity without my specific written permission. REPORTING ERRORS: Although these album pages are as accurate as possible, typographical and other errors are possible. I will fix any errors reported. To report an error, email me at the address shown below. When you report an error, be sure and mention the file name and the page number that the error occurs on. For example, you might tell me that in FRANCE40.pdf, page 27 there’s a typo in the word Liberty – it reads “Liberyt”. If you find a problem with the size of the box provided for a stamp, tell me the size of the stamp in millimeters (I’ll figure out the size of the appropriate box). Measure the stamp to the tips of the perforations and give the horizontal dimension first. For example, you might tell me that in SPAIN60.pdf, page 41, the Franco issues really measure 34mm. horizontally by 48mm. vertically. Enjoy the pages, WILLIAM E. STEINER

The album pages are available at the link below:

Hungary Album Pages