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The 2023A auction is now available on the web.

October – December Newsletter

The October – December 2022 Newsletter is now available to members in the Journals section.

Presentation Available

Links to an updated version of Alan Sobles presentation on the survival of the Hungarian cancellers post WWI are available here

Classified Member Ads

One of our members has taken advantage of this feature.  See his ad at Classified Ads and see the Webmaster about adding one of your own.

Newsletters on Web

Thanks to our members, we now have all of our old Journals (newsletters) posted on-line.  During the process of scanning, I found many of the old articles to be fascinating.  I hope you enjoy them as well.

A searchable index of all newsletters has also been created and is available for download on the Journal Index page.  Please provide comments on this feature to the Webmaster.

Hungarian Catalog Pricing Comparison

One of our members has put together a spread sheet comparing Hungarian catalog pricing for the most resent two catalog issues.  See

Upcoming SHP Meetings

The next meeting is scheduled for 2023.

Comparison of Hungarian Catalog Prices 2016-7 to 2018

This is a comparison of the pricing in the new 2018 Hungarian catalog (A magyar belyegek katalogusa) with the previous one from 2016.

The comparison is in the form of a multi-page Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet which can be downloaded here by interested members.

The database gives the change in pricing by issue, year and decade.
The prices in Forint have been converted to US dollars.
The database also records valuations for the newly listed specialized watermark positions for the issues of 1898-1909.

This comparison was put together by George B. Shaw, one of our members.
Permission to use catalog numbers and pricing for this study has been given by
“Magyar posta- és illetékbélyeg katalógus 2018-2019”