I hereby apply for membership in the Society for Hungarian Philately, Inc., and if approved, agree to abide by the Society’s bylaws.

Annual membership dues are $25 ($26 if paid by PayPal) for members whose addresses are in North America. For members residing elsewhere, the dues are $30 ($31 if paid by PayPal). Annual dues for an on-line membership (an electronic, rather than a hard copy, of the journal) regardless of residence are $20 ($21 if paid by PayPal). Dues are payable in January in advance for the calendar year. Payment of dues entitles members to receive the newsletter, to access the member’s section of the website, participate in the quarterly auctions, and to exercise voting rights. Send dues payments to: The Treasurer, P.O. Box 802, Powell, WY 82435-0802 USA.  Paypal payment may be made to shptreasurer@tctwest.net.

Payment of dues is required with form to process your application.


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