2020 January – March(Vol.51, No. 1) – Vol51No1

1  The President’s Corner by Alan Bauer
2  Welcome & Kudos
2  The Treasurer’s Report for 2019 submitted by Wes Learned
3  The Auctioneer’s Report for 2019 by James Gaul
3  The Webmaster’s Report by Wally Green
4  In Memoriam: Aloysius Bauer by Alan Bauer
5  A Yugoslav Study Group by Thomas Healey
5  The Ruminations of Your Editor by Robert Lauer
6  Letter to the Editor by Bob Morgan
7  Letter to the Editor by Paul de Leeuw van Weenen
9  The 4f Local Postal Stationery Card, 1926-1930 by Judith Kennett
14  A Snapshot of the Postal Service in Hungary During March 1945 by Csaba L. Kohalmi
25  Mixing German and Hungarian in Cancellers by Alan Soble