This presentation was made by Chris Brainard on 5/13/2023

You can download a pdf copy of the presentation here:

Constant plate varieties Kolozsvar and Nagyvarad overprints – Chris Brainard


The following pages describe the platings of the referenced issues:

Kolozsvar, Nagyvard monogram varieties

Nagyvarad Flood Relief Layout

Kolozsvar, Nagyvard constant plate varieties

Kolozsvar Postage Due Layout

Kolozsvar Parliament Layout

Kolozsvar Harvester Bani under Layout

Kolozsvar Harvester Bani over Layout

Kolozsvar Flood Relief Layout

Nagyvarad Postage Due 2nd Printing Layout

Nagyvarad Postage Due 1st Printing Layout

Nagyvarad Parliament 2nd Printing Layout

Nagyvarad Parliament 1st Printing Layout

Nagyvarad Harvester 2nd Printing Layout

Nagyvarad Harvester 1st Printing Layout