The following expert presentations are available:

Presentation Lithos Vs. Engraved made on 10/30/2021 by Csaba Kohalmi

Presentation Postal Stationery  made on 02/12/2022 by George Shaw

Presentation Balloon Posts  made on 03/12/2022 by Vic Berecz

Presentation Postal History of the Lost Territories  made on 08/27/2022 by Robert Lauer

Presentation German Censorship of WWII  made on 09/10/2022 by Jan Jaap deWeerd

Presentation Update – German Censorship  made on 08/13/2023 by Jan Jaap deWeerd

Presentation Altering Hungarian Cancels After the 1918-19 Breakup  made on 11/12/2022 by Johan Sevenhuijsen

Presentation 1896 Illustrated Postal Cards made on 01/14/2023 by Csaba Kohalmi

Presentation Constant Plate Varieties for Kolozsvar and Nagyvarad Overprints made on 05/13/2023 by Chris Brainard