AIR-POST 1918-1936 Nos. C1-2


ISSUED: July 4, 1918
PROCESS: Typographed, at the National Printing Office, Budapest.
PAPER: Watermarked double cross, wove paper.
PERF.: 14½ x 14.
DESIGNER: Vilmos Brandmayer
PICTURES: Parliament Building
HISTORY: Surcharged REPULO POSTA (flying post) on regular issue of the Monarchy stamps, plus new value 1.50 on 75 in red, and 4.50 on 2 in blue. Used on Military Air Line between Budapest and Vienna, and return, July 4 to 23, 1918.
NOTES: The 1.50 is known with inverted surcharge (100 copies). In circulation only 20 days. One sure way to tell if your copy is genuine is to have it on cover during that period. 70,000 of each value were prepared.

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