AIR-POST 1918-1936 Nos. C3-5


ISSUED: November 7, 1920
PROCESS: Typographed
PAPER: Watermarked double cross.
PERF.: 14½ x 14.
DESIGNER: Vilmos Brandmayer
PICTURES: Parliament Building
HISTORY: Surcharged L E G I POSTA (Air post) on regular issue of the Republic stamp, plus new values, 3 on 10 in green, 8 on 10 in red, and 12 on 10 in blue. Issued for Budapest-Szombathely, and Budapest-Szeged lines. Mail addressed to various towns enroute, according to Sanabria, was dropped in post bags by means of parachutes; on April 9, 1921 this service, was discontinued by order of the Allies but was renewed for a short time after July 1, 1922. In connection with the Rakosi-day First Hungarian airport opening day, there was a special first day cancel on November 6, 1920.

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