TYPE: A 6, A 7
ISSUED: December 30, 1916
PROCESS: Engraved
PERF: 15
PAPER: Watermarked double cross
DESIGNER: Gyula Pethely
DESIGNS: King Karl (Charles I) Queen Zita
PURPOSE: In commemoration of the Coronation of Charles I as King of Hungary and Emperor of Austria.
HISTORY: Charles I, born 1887, was the son of Archduke Otto and Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony; grandson of Francis Joseph I. Married Princess Zita of Bourbon Parma on October 11, 1911. Succeeded to the throne of his grandfather on November 21, 1916. Renounced participation in Austrian affairs on November 11, 1918, and in Hungarian affairs on November 13, 1918. Moved to Switzerland in 1919. Made a futile attempt to regain the Kingdom of Hungary in 1921 and died in 1922.

Both are known to exist imperf.
Both were printed on the same sheet hence 104 and 105 exist setenant. There were two special post marks used the day of the coronation one pictures two angels holding up the Hungarian crown, the other the crown and ornaments; but either is a splendid addition to any collection.

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