30-34TYPE: A 3
ISSUED: June 1, 1888
PROCESS: Typographed
PERF: 11½, 12 x 11½
PAPER: Watermarked kr in circle
DESIGNER: Janos L. L’Hiver
PURPOSE: Regular postage issue
DESIGN: Crown of St. Stephen surmounting an envelope and a post horn, enclosed in a wreath.

In 1888 Hungary changed the design adopted in 1874 by changing the colored numerals on the back of the envelope in the design to black. In addition, fine colored lines were used as a background over which the design was printed. All the stamps except the 1 kr were produced in three operations: (1) the colored background lines by the lithographic process, (2) the stamp design was typographed, (3) the numerals were typographed. Originally the 1 kr was produced in two operations; no background lines were used, the design was typographed and then the figure 1 was printed. Only 4,500,000 were produced by this method. Later the denomination (the numeral 1) was inserted in the plate and the stamp printed in one operation. About 160,000,000 were so produced. There is a difference in the two printings the intersecting lines portraying the flaps of the envelope are complete on the first printing; the numeral 1 is seldom placed in the center of the intersection of those lines. While on the second type the intersecting lines have been cleaned away to accommodate the insertion of the numeral “1.”
The 3 forint value comes perf 11½ only.

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