TYPE: A 4, A 5
ISSUED: November 1, 1904
PROCESS: Typographed
PERF: 12 x 12½, 15
PAPER: Watermarked crown
DESIGNER: (A4) Johann Bohm
DESIGNER: (A5) Edmund Tull
PURPOSE: Regular Postage; change in watermark
DESIGN: Same as above.

Scott lists 2 types of watermarks # 134 two straight lines or ribbons hanging from the crown, # 135 three lines each ending in a semi circle suspended from the crown. The Hungarian catalogues show the second watermark was used in 1908, while a third watermark a very square crown rather than round at the top was used from 1909 through 1913.
The stamps perf 15 are those with #135 and the unreported watermark, while those with # 134 are perf 12 x 11½.
The 5 and 1k exist imperf and imperf between, and there is one known error in the set, the 50f in magenta instead of lake.

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