TYPE: A4, A5
ISSUED: August 26, 1913
PROCESS: Typographed
PERF: 15
PAPER: Watermarked double cross.
DESIGNER: (A4) Johann Bohm
DESIGNER: (A5) Edmund Tull
PURPOSE: Regular postage, but change in water mark
DESIGN: Turul and Emperor wearing Hungarian Crown

Again we find the watermark running vertical or horizontal or vice versa in the stamps. There is one known error the 35 cliche is found in the plate of the 50f, making it a wrong color. Beware of stamp #97. In their zest to find stamps with the watermark sideways, some have been known to bleach the “salmon” No. 98 (which is comparatively common with sideway watermark) to make it be #97. One way to be sure you have a genuine No. 97 with watermark sideways is the cancellation this should be either in 1913 or the first two months in 1914. As is usual with European countries, in the cancellation the year is shown first, then the month, then the day of the month, and lastly the hour of the date of posting.

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