ISSUES OF THE REGENCY Nos. 409-412, 413-414

TYPE: A26, A27
ISSUED: April 1, 1926
PROCESS: Typographed
PAPER: Watermarked four double crosses
PERF: (A26) 14, 15. (A27) 14½ x 14
DESIGNER: F. Helbing
PURPOSE: Regular postage with new gold value.
DESIGNS and HISTORY: St. Matthias Cathedral on St. Gellert’s Hill, being the oldest church in Buda, and called the Coronation Church because here Franz Joseph was crowned in 1867. Below the church is the Fishers’ Bastion.
Palace at Budapest – The first Royal Palace was started by Bela IV in 1247, on the Buda side of the River – later destroyed by the Turks – new one built by Maria Theresa in 1748 containing 860 rooms – fire partially destroyed it in 1847 was again restored and enlarged.

Prior to World War II it was a show place of Budapest.

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