ISSUED: August 1, 1928 (green, red, ultramarine)
August 1, 1929 (lake, violet, bistre)
PROCESS: Engraved
PAPER: Watermarked four double crosses
PERF. 14½, 14
DESIGNER: F. Helbing
ENGRAVED: At the Hungarian Government Printing Bureau
PURPOSE: In commemoration of the 800th anniversary of the death of St: Stephen.
DESIGN: St. Stephen
HISTORY: St. Stephen (Stephen I or Istvan I or St. Etienne 977 – 1038) was the first King of Hungary, 998 – 1038, at that time assuming the title of Stephen I First Christian King of Hungary. He was one of the great statesmen of history; his reign resulted in the establishment of the Hungarian church and the Hungarian state. Stephen was the son of Geza, Duke of Hungary, and Carlotta, one of the few Magyar Christian ladies. Stephen spent 25 years making his country the promised, land, and by the end of his reign Catholics of all nationalities found refuge there. St. Stephen was the husband of St. Gisela. He was canonized a saint in 1083.

The lake, violet and bistre were issued in 1929 in connection with the St. Stephen Festival.

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