ISSUED: April 8, 1935
PROCESS: Photogravure
PAPER: Wmkd. double cross on pyramid
PERF.: 12
DESIGNER: Adam Manyoki
DESIGN: Prince Francis (Ferenc) Rakoczi II, taken from a portrait, to the left coat of arms, above two diagonal ribbons containing the dates 1676-1735.
PURPOSE: To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the death of Prince Rakoczi II on April 8, 1735
HISTORY: Born in Transylvania, then a part of Hungary, not only a great hero but a master strategist; a statesman; artist and writer. For eight consecutive years fought for the constitutional and civil rights of the common people; twice declined to accept the throne of Poland, and at the end of the revolution he preferred exile rather than to live under a foreign rule. His body and that of his beloved mother, were returned and placed in the Cathedral of Kassa in 1906, but by the Treaty of Trianon, Kassa and all upper Hungary was ceded to Czechoslovakia, while his beloved Transylvania was annexed to Roumania.

140,000 sets issued.
Special cancelation used at Budapest on April 8, 1935.
The 10 is known to exist without the moustache.

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