TYPE: A75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82
ISSUED: June 21, 1939
PROCESS: Photogravure
PAPER: Watermarked double cross on pyramid
PERF: 15 and 12
DESIGNER: Sandor Legrady
PURPOSE: A regular postage series, called the Churches’ series.
PICTURE: (A75) Crown of St. Stephen, legend “Sacra Corona” in semi-circle above crown
(A76) St. Stephen wearing the crown, with the words “Rex” and “St. Stephanus”
(A77) Virgin Mary wearing the holy crown, or the Madonna and Child, Patroness of Hungary
(A78) The Coronation Church at Budapest. Here are kept the Crown of St. Stephen, scepter sword and coronation robes, as shown in the background, and the words: Koronazo Fotemplom
(A79) The Reformed church at Debreczen, with coat of arms of the church in the background, and the words: Debreceni Nagytemplom
(A80) The Cathedral or Archbishop’s church at Estergom, with double cross, hand of St. Stephen and coat of arms of the Arpad dynasty in background; and the words Esztergomi Bazilika
(A81) The Deak Square Evangelical church at Budapest, with cross, bible, bunch of grapes, and head of wheat in background; words: Deak Teri Evang. Templom
(A82) The Cathedral of Kassa with the Rakoczi coat of arms in background. Here his body was finally buried in 1907. The words Kassai Szekesegyhaz.

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