TYPE: A83, 84, 85, 86
ISSUED: July 21, 1939
PROCESS: Photogravure
PAPER: Watermarked double cross on pyramid
PERF.: 12
DESIGNER: Sandor Legrady
PURPOSE: To commemorate the Girl Scout Jamboree held at Godolio National Park near Budapest. This Congress was known as the first “Pax-ting” lasting from July 27th to August 9th
PICTURE: Each has a three leaf clover, the international badge of the Girl Scout movement, with two stars.
(A83) a hand raised in Scout salute and olive branch in background.
(A84) Hungarian Girl Scout insignia composed of Shield of Hungary, Crown of St. Stephen and Lily.
(A85) Heads of typical Hungarian Girl Scouts.
(A86) Dove of peace with olive branch, banner in background representing international and national badges

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