ISSUES OF THE REPUBLIC Nos. 153-167, 168-173

[Please note that #’s 133-152 are unassigned by Scott’s]

TYPE: A 9, A 10, A 11, A 12
ISSUED: (153-167) November 23, 1918 (168-173) December 15, 1918
DESIGNERS: (A9) Edmund Tull; (A10) W. (Vilmos) Brandmayer; (All 12) Emery Foldes

Regular issues of 1916-1918 overprinted in black KOZTARSASAG (Republic). Immediately following World War I Hungary set up the People’s Republic with Count Karolyi as Provisional President. This lasted from the fall of 1918 until March of 1919 when the Soviet Republic, under Bela Kun, came into being. During this period these so called “Republic” stamps were issued and used.Many are known to exist with an inverted overprint.

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