SEMI-POSTAL ISSUES 1913-1940 (THE REGENCY) Nos. B103-107

TYPE: SP41-45
ISSUED: October 27, 1939
PROCESS: Photogravure
PAPER: Watermarked double cross on pyramid
PERF.: 12×12½
DESIGNED BY: Alexander (Sandor) Legrady
PURPOSE: To commemorate the First National Protestant Day.
PICTURE: (SP41) A tablet showing the name of Deva Biro Matyas, and the date “1545” of his death; as a Catholic priest in 1529 he came under the influence of Martin Luther, and later spread the Protestant gospel.
A second tablet shows the name of Juhasz Melius Peter, and the date “1572,” born 1536 died 1572. Became a Protestant clergyman and returned to Hungary as one of the first Magyar Protestant Bishops. The tablet on the Matayas stamp is inscribed John 12, 24-26, while the one on the Peter stamp reads John 15, 1-8, being verses from books of the bible.
(SP42) Karoli Gaspar, seated, date “1590” his death (born 1529). He was the first to translate the Holy Bible into the Magyar language. He holds the Szent Biblia (Holy Bible) and the printing press is also shown. The word “Vizsoly” indicates it was at Vizsoly that the translation was printed.
(SP43) Albert Molnar Czenczi (1574-1607) shown seated writing in a Soltar (Psalter). A protestant clergyman, translater of hymns, translated the Psalms into Hungarian. A bar of music in upper right is indicative of his musical ability.
(SP44) Prince Gabriel Bethlen, (1580-1629) a ruler of Transylvania, soldier, Protestant leader. He is reported to have read the Bible twenty five times, and helped the Jesuit Kaldy to translate and print the latter’s version of the Scriptures.
(SP45) Zsuzsanna Lorantfy (1600-1660) the wife of George Rakoczy, laid the foundations for the English Protestant college at Sarospatak, aided in establishing Protestant schools and churches. Shown also is her family coat of arms (three hills above a log from which two lime tree leaves grow).

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