SEMI-POSTAL ISSUES 1913-1940 (THE REGENCY) Nos. B108-109

ISSUED: October 27, 1939
PROCESS: Heliogravure, printed at Hungarian Government Printing Office at Budapest
PAPER: Unwatermarked, appears as parchment paper
PERF.: 12 and imperf – 2 souvenir sheets
DESIGNED BY: Alexander Legrady
PURPOSE: In commemoration of the Protestant Exhibition held in Budapest from October 27 to November 2, 1939
PICTURE: Gabor Bethlen, King of Transylvania, mounted on a charger, the dates “1580 and 1629” with a decorative frame, containing coat of arms at the top, three ribbons at bottom containing words ORSZAGOS PROTESTANS NAPOK (National Protestants’ Day) a second coat of arms, “Budapest 1939 October 28 31 1-G:”
HISTORY: Sold in connection with admission to the exhibition, with the premium being turned over to assist the Protestant college. The sheet was valid for postage only 6 days. 30,000 perf and 30,000 imperf issued.

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