SEMI-POSTAL ISSUES 1913-1940 (THE REGENCY) Nos. B110-112

TYPE: SP47-49
ISSUED: January 1, 1940
PROCESS: Photogravure
PAPER: Watermarked cross on pyramid.
PERF.: 12½x12
DESIGNED BY: Sandor Legrady
PURPOSE: The surtax was devoted to the Nicholas Horthy National Aviation Fund, sold at double face.
PICTURE: (SP47) Youth flying a kite.
(SP48) Allegory of flight, small plane soaring along the line of flight, indicated by an outstretched arm of man.
(SP49) Celestal figure leading squadron of planes across the sky, figure holds the Hungarian crown in her right hand and Hungarian cross in her left.
HISTORY: Commemorative inscription at top in small letters reading Horthy Miklos Nemzeti Repulo Alap means The Nicholas Horthy National Flying Fund.

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