SEMI-POSTAL ISSUES 1913-1940 (THE REGENCY) Nos. B126-129

TYPE: SP61-64
ISSUED: December 15, 1940
PROCESS: Photogravure
PAPER: Watermarked double cross on pyramid.
PERF.: 12
DESIGNED BY: Gyorgy Konecsni.
PURPOSE: Surtax, double face, to be used for Pension and Assistance Institution for Artists.
PICTURE: (SP61) Symbol for fame – winged female figure, right hand an olive wreath, left hand a scroll, representing honor, fame and achievement in the arts generally.
(SP62) Symbol for sculpture, male figure, with chisel and hammer.
(SP63) Symbol for painting, female figure with brush and palette.
(SP64) Symbol of inspiration, Pegasus or winged horse.

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