ISSUED: May 25, 1931
PROCESS: Photogravure
PAPER: Watermarked double cross on pyramid
PERF.: 12
DESIGNER: By Lajos Marton
PICTURE: St. Stephen, St. Emerich, St. Ladislaus, Holy Sacrament, St. Elizabeth, St. Maurice and St. Margaret
PURPOSE: To commemorate and in connection with the 34th International Eucharistic Congress held at Budapest May25th to 29th, 1938
HISTORY: Sheet margin inscriptions read:
XXXIV Congresszus / Eucharisticus / Internationalis / Budapest 25 29 Maii 1938 (around the sheet), (left of center stamp) XXXIV Nemzetkozi / Eucharisztikus / Kongresszus (and right of center stamp) Budapest / 1938 / Majus 25-29
St. Maurice or St. Morris, an 11th century leader and educator, born at Nyitra, educated at the monastery of Pannonhalma; there became a monk; later made an abbot, and from 1036 to 1064 was Bishop of Pecs. Under his leadership Cathedral of Pecs was built, and he is there buried.
St. Margaret was daughter of King Bela IV, born January 22, 1242, became a member of the Dominican Nuns, on the Island of the Hares, today called St. Margaret Island, a part of Budpest. Died January 18, 1271. Was beatified by the Pope in 1409 but has never been made a saint.
NOTE: 250,000 issued.

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