Monograph Series Number 1
The Pioneer Period of Hungarian Air Mail

by Victor G. Berecz, Jr.
Society for Hungarian Philately

This large-sized monograph is the first comprehensive English language treatment of Hungarian airmails from the late 1800s through World War II. Of particular interest is Mr. Berecz’s history of Hungarian airmail flight during and just after World War I. Heavily illustrated, the monograph depicts the stamps and covers associated with many Hungarian pioneer flights.

Monograph 1 Pages Cover-14
Monograph 1 Pages 15-29
Monograph 1 Pages 30-41
Clipping Found In Monograph 1

For more information on airmail issues see the AAMS PUBLICATION PAGE


Monograph Series Number 2
Hungary – Error Prints & Variations, 1900-1944

by Leslie Ettre
Society for Hungarian Philately

Monograph 2 Pages Cover-6
Monograph 2 Pages 7-12
Monograph 2 Pages 13-Last

Monograph Series Number 3
Issues of Western Hungary in 1921

by Leslie Ettre
Society for Hungarian Philately

Monograph 3 Pages Cover-1
Monograph 3 Pages 2-12
Monograph 3 Pages 13-22
Monograph 3 Pages 23-33
Monograph 3 Pages 34-43
Monograph 3 Pages 44-55

Monograph Series Number 4
Hungarian Precancels

by Otto & Wilhelm Schaffling
Society for Hungarian Philately

Monograph 4

Monograph Series Number 5
Hotel Posts of the Siebenburgischer Karpathenverein

by Leslie Ettre
Society for Hungarian Philately

This monograph describes the issues of the Carpathian Society of Transylvania used in Hohe Rinne and Bistra from approximately  1895 to 1920.

Monograph 5 Pages Cover-12
Monograph 5 Pages 13-24
Monograph 5 Pages 25-32


Monograph Series Number 6
Reengraving Repairs of the Fifth Column fo the 1874-81 3 krajcar Type I Stamp

by Stephen Arato
Society for Hungarian Philately

Monograph 6 Pages Front-10
Monograph 6 Pages 11-20
Monograph 6 Pages 21-last

Monograph Series Number 7
Catalog Numbers for the Postage Stamps of Hungary

Compiled by William Domonkos
Society for Hungarian Philately

This 80 page monograph cross-referencing the Hungarian, Scott, Yvert, Zumstein and Michel catalog numbers of every postage stamp issued by Hungary; numbered 1 thru 3390. The catalog numbers in the listing are the proprietary intellectual property of the various publishers of stamp catalogs identified with each number. This publication is intended for the convenience and use by the members of the Society for Hungarian Philately who reside on five continents around the globe. Consequently, these members have access to different catalogs and need such a cross-reference when conducting business with stamp dealers or exchanging philatelic information amongst themselves.

The following are groups of pages from the Concordance.  They have been separated to make the file sizes manageable.  Please excuse some of the images as they are all scans of scans.

Concordance Pages 1-15 (Hungary #1-570)
Concordance Pages 16-30 (Hungary #571-1266)
Concordance Pages 31-45 (Hungary #1267-1967)

Concordance Pages 46-60 (Hungary #1968-2670)
Concordance Pages 61-76 (Hungary #2671-3390)

Monograph Series Number 8
Part I – A Synopticon of Carpatho-Ukraine Postage Stamps
Compiled by Peter Bylen

Part II – The Concordance of Catalog Numbers for local issues
and occupation overprints on Hungarian and Austro-Hungarian
Military Stamps (1918-1920 / 1944-45)

Compiled by Miklos Tecsy
Society for Hungarian Philately

Monograph 8 Pages Cover-9
Monograph 8 Pages 10-19
Monograph 8 Pages 20-back

Monograph Series Number 9
The Stamps of Baranya

by Jenö Szabó-Antal
Reprint edited and annotated by
Christopher Brainard and Anthony Müller.
Translated from Hungarian by Anthony Müller
Society for Hungarian Philately

Szabó-Antal’s original work was published in the Bélyeggyüjtö in 1939. In the elapsed 60 years, this work was quoted, transcribed, and translated by countless authors in the philatelic press. New insights as to the nature, the origin, and the variety of these overprints have also emerged during this time. Most importantly, the editors wanted to overcome the inherent limitations of the Hungarian language posed by the original reference work. What emerged from their efforts was a quality document written in a major language of the Western World (English), clarified and updated with annotations to remove previously entrenched, confusing terminology, and illustrated with high resolution, color reproductions of stamps, covers, and postal stationery. A major accomplishment was to correct the terminology for the two presses used for the overprinting of the First Baranya series. Findings on this subject were first published in previous issue of The News. The editors carefully reproduced all of the original illustrations. Whenever new material was incorporated, it is distinguishable by a red border to indicate that it was not an original part of Szabó-Antal’s work. The ‘old’ and the ‘new’ information complement each other superbly.

Monograph 9, Pages 1-20
Monograph 9, Pages 21-40
Monograph 9, Pages 41-57

Monograph Series Number 10
The Hungarian Hyperinflation of 1945-1946

the Postage Rates and Postal History of
History’s Most Impressive Inflation
by Robert B. Morgan
Society for Hungarian Philately

The first comprehensive study ever written on Hungary’s Hyperinflation of 1945-46. Published by the prestigious Collectors Club of Chicago with cooperation and financial support of the Society for Hungarian Philately. Edited by John M. Hotchner, President, 1997-1999, American Philatelic Society.

The 8 1/2 x 11 inches book with 282+ pages and over 300 illustrations is printed on 70 pound coated, archival quality, acid-free paper stock. The highest quality hardcover book is produced with cloth library-type binding to withstand heavy usage. Superbly cross-referenced, indexed in chronological and alphabetical order. Thirty-three tables covering all postal functions and the 27 rate changes in detail makes this book the collector’s indispensable working manual.

Each of the seven chapters in the book covers the history and the many different postal functions during the Hyperinflation. Chapters: The Historical Setting – Progression of the Hyperinflation – The Stamps of the Era and Stamp Substitutes – Rates for Special Forms of Mail – Rates for Special Content Mail – Rates for Special Mail Services and Operations – Mail Charges Collected on Delivery – Mail Handling Matters – Collectable Frankings – Markings and Cancellations – Concluding Items and Appendices. The Glossary of Philatelic Words and Phrases both in Hungarian-English and English-Hungarian is welcomed by all collectors of Hungarian philately.

Awards received at: COLOPEX 2004 Grand Award and Gold; STAMPSHOW 2004 Reserve Grand and Gold plus the Diane D. Boehret Award for the best philatelic book of 2003-2004; ESPAGNA 2004 Large Vermeil.

The book can be ordered from Duane Larson, Book Sales Expediter, The Collectors Club of Chicago, c/o Rosemoor Stamp and Coin, 270 Cunningham Drive, Park Forest, IL 60466.

Bound Editions of
“The NEWS of Hungarian Philately”
Now Available!

Our society was founded on the principal as an educational resource as one of its primary goals. A longtime project in support of that goal has finally come to fruition. Hardbound editions of the Society publication “THE NEWS of Hungarian Philately” (published since the establishment of the SHP in 1970) are now available for sale. Each volume is done in a dark wine garnet shade, simulated leather appearance with gold lettering denoting the title of “The News of Hungarian Philately” on the spine, the volume numbers, and the years it covers. Each volume represents a 3-year time frame. Early volumes could only be reproduced via copying, but are still presentable. Later volumes are produced using actual copies when they were initially issued and just put together in the respective proper sequence. At this time no indexing has been done on subjects or titles, but serves as a future project for easier reference of material.

Now why would someone want this? Individuals that collect philatelic material are always seeking complete sets of journals on certain topics. What better way to have that data collected than in bound editions? Individuals that specialize in certain fields also often can only find data in older publications and we hope this serves that community. Lastly, for neatness but quick access when needed, these book-like publications can sit on your reference library shelf instead of just a stack of the quarterly journals in a corner of your stamp room. How about buying them for a gift to a philatelist, to your local library (take a tax donation!) or to some other worthy cultural center, youth club or similar worthy recipients?

The following volumes are available for sale.
Each book is individually priced at $30.00 or you can purchase purchase the entire set of 11 for $320.00. Freight fees will be added to all orders. Please e-mail Alan Hoover .
Remember that we are always looking to collect any editions of the THE NEWS and turn them into these editions. Should you wish to donate your copies to this effort, again please contact Alan Hoover .

1-3 1970-72 Available Now
4-6 1973-75 Available Now
7-9 1976-78 Available Now
10-12 1979-81 Available Now
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16-18 1985-87 Available Now
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