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2020 SHP General Meeting and 50th Anniversary

Mark your calendars for the big APS Stampshow and our 2020 Annual General Meeting in Hartford, Connecticut next summer. The dates are August 20 – 23, 2020 and the location is the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.
Next year will be a significant year in the history of the SHP. It will mark our 50th Anniversary. Our first meeting, at which we were officially founded was on February 7, 1970. We will mark our anniversary with special events and celebrations at the Stampshow. The date of our traditional dinner and other activities will be announced soon.

What’s New

May Auction

The May auction listing has been placed on the site.  Please take a look.

April – June Newsletter

The April – June Newsletter is now available to members in the Journals section.

Classified Member Ads

One of our members has taken advantage of this feature.  See his ad at Classified Ads and see the Webmaster about adding one of your own.

Newsletters on Web

Thanks to our members, we now have all of our old Journals (newsletters) posted on-line.  During the process of scanning, I found many of the old articles to be fascinating.  I hope you enjoy them as well.

A searchable index of all newsletters has also been created and is available for download on the Journal Index page.  Please provide comments on this feature to the Webmaster.

Hungarian Catalog Pricing Comparison

One of our members has put together a spread sheet comparing Hungarian catalog pricing for the most resent two catalog issues.  See https://hungarianphilately.org/articles/

Upcoming SHP Meetings

The next meeting is scheduled for Phoenix, AZ in February 2019.  The meeting will be conjunction with the ARIPEX stamp show.

Philately and International Mail Order Fraud: The Success of the New York Institute of Science in Hungary

Ed Grabowski, a philatelist normally known for his work in the French Colonies, has been developing a new philatelic collecting area focused on the international mail order fraud schemes developed by American fraudsters during the early part of the 20th century. He has just published the above-noted article in OPUS XVIII the annual volume of the European Academy of Philately for 2018. Given its association with Hungary, Ed has given the Society for Hungarian Philately permission to post the article on its Website. He can be reached at: edjjg@alum.mit.edu.

Click here to view/download the full article